Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the camera club of new york

Rudoplh Eickemeyer, A Ranchman 1898

Eva Watson-Schütze, A Study Head 1901

Mathilde Weil, Beatrice 1900

Mary Devens, Charcoal Effect 1902

Charles I. Berg, Coquette 1898

A. Horsley Hinton, Days Decline 1899

René Le Bègue, Decorative Figure 1899

C. Yarnall Abbott, Decorative Landscape 1902

F. Holland Day, Ebony and Ivory 1898

Ernest R. Ashton, Evening near the Pyramids 1898

Francis Benjamin Johnston, Florence Fleming Noyes 1900-1915

Gertrude Käserbier, Indian Chief 1902

J. Craig Annan, Janet Burnet 1901

Frank Eugene, Lady of Charlotte 1900

Hans Watzek, Michel 1899

Charles I. Berg, Odalisque 1900

Alfred Stieglitz, Spring Showers 1902

J. Craig Annan, The Little Princess 1899

the images and photographers of camera notes, the document of the historical camera club of new york published by pioneer american photographer alfred stieglitz.


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